Anderson school districts see growth, superintendents plan for future

Take a look around the Upstate, there’s growth everywhere and schools are becoming packed.

As Anderson County continues to grow, more students and expanding campuses are coming.

The Independent Mail spoke with all five Anderson County school districts about their growth expectations and plans.

District Five is the biggest with around 13,000 students while District One is seeing the fastest growth. Districts Two and Three are in more rural areas and are seeing growth in what typically would be a steady year.

All five superintendents are watching for new subdivisions and housing annexations as more people come to Anderson County.

Anderson District One sees rapid growth out of Powdersville schools

Anderson District One is the second largest district with 10,619 students and has seen explosive growth from Anderson’s fastest growing city, Powdersville.

Three schools got an eight-room addition last year: Powdersville Elementary, Spearman Elementary and Cedar Grove, District One Superintendent Robbie Binnicker said. 

Anderson school districts see growth, superintendents plan for future

Powdersville Middle School and Powdersville High School each had 10-room additions, he said.

“For us, it’s just a process to keep up with the rapid growth while trying to expand buildings and getting the funds.” Binnicker said.

The only solution facing the district currently is to add portables, he said.

Binnicker has considered redrawing district lines, but doesn’t see that as a current fix since there isn’t much room to work with. 

Concrete Primary is the only school in the district over-capacity and utilizing a portable, with the goal to add two more portables. 

A portable building at Concrete Primary in Easley, S.C., provides more classroom space at the school with rising numbers.

Over the next few years, Binnicker anticipates the other Powdersville schools reaching capacity and adding portables too.

The most ambitious solution to the growth, and the only plan out of all five districts, is to add a new school.

“In seven to eight years, we plan on adding an elementary school in Powdersville to relieve Concrete and Powdersville Elementary,” Binnicker said.