Ask The Expert: Let Grigsby’s take guess work out of remodeling | Sponsored Features

Ask The Expert: Let Grigsby’s take guess work out of remodeling | Sponsored Features

Remodeling your home sounds like a fun idea – until you’re in the thick of it.

Suddenly those visions of a “wet room” bathroom with heated tile floors, new hardwoods throughout the living room, dining room and office, and the luxury vinyl plank floors in the family room downstairs seem distant.

Those grand ideas have been replaced with a layer of dust an eighth of an inch thick created by all of the tile that has been removed.

You’re eating takeout for the 23rd night in a row in the bedroom – the only livable room in the house – while you wait for the new tile to show up, and you’re realizing that it’d be better to eat boxed mac and cheese now that unexpected costs have left you half-broke. If only you could use the kitchen.

That’s a nightmare scenario, but it’s rooted in reality, says Penny Carnino, director of operations at Grigsby’s Carpet, Tile and Hardwood in Tulsa. And reality is right where she wants her potential customers to be.

That’s because she knows that the experts at Grigsby’s can help customers turn potential remodeling nightmares into the homes of their dreams.

“When you watch HGTV, they’re not really good about showing the horrible mess that comes with any remodeling project,” Carnino said. “I think there are a lot of people that don’t grasp that.”

“We try to manage it as best we can, but there’s going to be a mess,” she said.

“Also, in a perfect world, there are no back orders or delays,” she said. “Realistically, those things are happening right now, especially with the way things are in the ports.”

And lastly, costs are only increasing.

“More price increases are coming. That’s a fact,” Carnino said. “I would not delay one minute if you want something done for the holidays.”

Telling customers that their dreams will be messy, take time and cost money might not sound like a great business strategy, but Carnino wants clients to know that Grigsby’s can help them navigate the reality minefield and end up with the beautiful home they envisioned.

As far as the mess, well, there’s just going to be one, she says. Know that the installers will keep it to a minimum, that the cleanup won’t take forever, and that it will be worth it.



Director of Operations

Grigsby’s Carpet, Tile & Hardwood

To avoid delays, start with your hands, then use your feet.

Grigsby’s has a tool on its website that allows visitors to try out new designs by uploading photos of their rooms and then choose flooring options so they can better visualize what the new floor looks like in their space.

“That really helps take part of the guesswork out of it,” Carnino said. “But first thing, once you have an idea of what you want, come in the store and start the looking process. Always check to see what’s in stock. We always have great values in style and design that customers are looking for.”

“Showrooms can be overwhelming, but if you’ve been online and at least know what you like, our experienced staff can guide you in the right direction.”

If at all possible, “don’t start a project until all of your material is in hand,” she said.

But don’t wait too long.

“If it’s feasible for you to do it, now’s a great time. It’s going to be less expensive now than it will be later,” she said.

“We just really want people heading into that remodeling process to be aware of what they’re getting into and know in the end it’s worth it.”

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