Fort Worth’s Beloved Gardens Continue Their Master Plan Improvement With Special Night

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is the city’s centrally located 120-acre treasure ― the oldest major botanical garden in Texas. The accompanying Botanical Research Institute of Texas is one of the largest centers for botanical exploration and discovery in the United States. Both are a point of pride in Fort Worth.

These botanic wonderlands are embarking on a comprehensive master plan which will inform priorities for the next 20 years of infrastructure and facility improvements. The driving idea is to connect horticulture, botanical science and the Fort Worth community.

Many improvements are already underway or have been completed, putting the initial installment of $4.3 million in public funds from the city of Fort Worth to work on projects like the $1.2 million renovation of the garden’s centerpiece and true heart – The  Rose Garden ― which took place between 2012 and 2017. Funding for that and other projects has been raised by the Fort Worth Garden Club. And much more is on the way.

Fort Worth’s Beloved Gardens Continue Their Master Plan Improvement With Special Night
The historic, restored Texas Rose Garden at Fort Worth Botanic Garden, was made possible by efforts of The Fort Worth Garden Club.

The Fort Worth Garden Club’s newest “Blooming Beds and Benches” initiative will bring beauty to Fort Worth Botanic Garden, while also establishing an annual after-hours celebration for all who participate. The event will be called “An Evening in the Gardens.” Supporters who sponsor a blooming bed of bulbs, a bed of annual color, or a bench in the Fort Worth Botanic Garden will receive tickets to the inaugural event, which will be held on March 31.

It promises to be a beautiful spring party, with everyone surrounded by tulips in full bloom.

Thanks to this initiative, not only will important funding go to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, but the gardens themselves will be able to present the highest quality and display of flowers, horticultural creativity and beauty for all who visit. It will also support the ongoing research at Botanic Research Institute of Texas (BRIT).

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Organized by Fort Worth Garden Club members, sponsorships of “Blooming Beds and Benches” are open to anyone who would like to participate. But the deadline for sponsorship is fast approaching ― it is next Saturday, January 15.

The purpose of The Fort Worth Garden Club, Inc. is to cultivate a broader knowledge of gardening, horticulture and design. The Garden Club continually advocates for the protection of the environment and supports the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. This newly added annual event is meant to ensure this mission is achieved in bright blooming brilliance.

BRIT is one of the nation’s leading research facilities of its kind. The Fort Worth Garden Club supports its mission with fundraising efforts like their Blooming Beds and Benches.

Each bed and bench sponsor, along with their guests, will have the opportunity to attend the special after-hours party in the gardens. A sign will mark a blooming bed dedication, while a brass plate will be fastened to each bench recognizing its sponsor. Here’s how you can take part:

― Blooming Bed of Color. This year-long dedication includes four tickets to the Evening in the Garden party on March 31. It costs $550 for BRIT members and $700 for non-members.

―  Blooming Bed of Bulbs. This spring dedication includes two tickets to the party. It runs $325 for BRIT members and $425 for non-members.

― Bench Sponsorship. This dedication is a decade-long sponsorship. It includes six tickets to Evening in the Garden as well as a one year BRIT affiliate level membership. It’s $5,500 for a decade-long sponsorship.

The inaugural An Evening in the Gardens will take place on March 31, and sponsorships for Blooming Beds and Benches are now available. Go here for more details.