Holiday gift ideas for the gardener

Ready to shop? Every time I turn on the radio or open a newspaper, there are articles about supply-chain issues. Even the reliable old U.S. Postal Service is saying that deliveries may well be delayed. So share some garden produce this year or shop at a local, family-owned business when you can.  

Gardening books make great presents.

Food is a great gift. You don’t need fancy fruit shipped from Oregon if you made plenty of tomato sauce or quince jelly this year. Share the harvest. A quart of dried cherry tomatoes contains a lot of love and work. You had to grow, harvest, wash and dehydrate. Only people dear to my heart will rate such a gift.

My dream gift? A friend, loved one or reader sending me a nice card, along with a homemade certificate for four hours of weeding in my garden. Or two hours. Working in the garden with a friend or relative can be a great way to strengthen a friendship. Politics don’t matter in the garden. I might suspect my brother-in-law didn’t vote the way I did in the last election. But if he brings his chain saw and helps me take down and cut up a 12-inch-diameter boxelder I want removed, send me the gift certificate!

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