How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Crack in a Pool?

The average cost of swimming pool repairs is between $239 to $1,102. You can do simple DIY repairs in a matter of minutes and cost only $10. For more complex repairs like a cracked beam, a professional can be hired and may cost up to $85

What Is the Cost to Repair a Pool?

Pool repair costs vary depending on the size and nature of the problem. The national average pool repair cost is $900. However, there are a few exceptions.

In-ground pools are more expensive to fix if the problem is structural. Above-ground pools are usually cheaper to repair and can be repaired by DIY in certain cases. Above-ground pool repairs can cost between $350 to $2,700 while in-ground pools are usually $100 to $700.

What Is the Average Cost of Repairing a Pool?

The cost of DIY pool repairs will vary depending on the issue, the size of your pool, and whether or not you have to buy additional equipment.

Replacing pool light bulbs can be done quickly and cost only $20 each. A small leakage in a vinyl pool liners can be fixed for $30.

However, you won’t have the training or the equipment necessary to fix cracks in concrete pools. Professional concrete pool repair is the best choice for your wallet and your peace of mind because of the cost of the equipment required.

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