How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

You can maximize the beauty of your bathroom, whether you’re renovating your home or buying a new one. You can create unique looks in these spaces by using new styles, colors, materials, and designs.

Before you decide on the final design of your bathroom vanity, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the right size and style. These guidelines and inspiration will help you make the decision to buy a bathroom vanity simple and enjoyable.

Types of Bathrooms

Bathroom vanities and cabinets can be made in many sizes to suit any space, but most bathroom cabinets will only fit one size. Before you decide on the bathroom where you would like to have your vanity set, take a moment to determine which size and lighting options you prefer.

Before You Choose a Bathroom Vanity, Measure Your Space

Before you decide on the vanity set or style that will best suit your bathroom, measure the space.

It’s important to measure your space using a ruler. These measurements will give you an idea about how much space you have to place a vanity mirror in a location that is easy for you and your guests. You can use the height of the walls to help you see how high the vanity mirror can be placed while still being accessible by family and friends.

Find Inspiration

Once you have chosen the perfect vanity size for your bathroom, it is time to start exploring different styles. Vanities can make your home look new and creative.

Bathroom Vanity: Make the Most of Your Space

The French Refinery offers bathroom vanities made from high-quality materials that will complement your home’s style. The French Refinery offers stylish, durable vanities in a variety of colors and finishes.

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