7 smart home improvements I want to see in 2022

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central Ah, the smart home. It’s one of those sci-fi concepts that has mostly come true at this point, but a few key issues continually bring the idea crashing back to reality. But 2022 promises to be a year where hopes are finally fulfilled in […]

Quality and Affordable bathroom remodeling solutions with Bath Planet Norcal

Bathroom remodeling involves several alternating activities that guarantee the successful execution of the whole procedure. Bath Planet Norcal began operations to become the exclusive Bath Planet distributor in Northern California, Bay Area. The company specializes in transforming old and boring bathrooms into luxurious spaces, all within the client’s budget with […]

5 kitchen remodel tips and tricks for home renovations

Are kitchen remodeling plans on your horizon this year? If you share that kitchen, chances are you’ll also be sharing some of the decision-making that comes with a renovation. And believe me, kitchens are a high-stakes game.  I’m midway through a full house renovation of a Victorian in Beechmont with […]