Why This Home Renovation Pays for Itself

There’s a reason property owners are often advised not to go overboard when sinking money into home renovations. There are few projects that actually let you to recoup your costs in full and come out ahead financially. Whether you’re looking to improve your own property or you’re a real estate […]

Phoenix ranks No. 4 for lowest home renovation ROI

Home improvement and remodeling projects have been increasingly popular as more people hang out at home. Spending on home improvement averaged $8,305 over 2020, which is a $745 increase from 2019. The most popular projects were bathroom and kitchen remodels. On average, homeowners spent $2,995 on each home renovation project. And though they may have been […]

Renovation Recipe | Lake Minnetonka

As the heart of the home, kitchens often take on an even more important role as the lifeline for holiday entertaining, serving as the epicenter of planning, preparing and executing parties and celebrations of all sizes and flavors. Today’s continuing appeal of open-concept living urges them to maintain prime functionality […]