The Art of Arranging Your Cushions: Making Your Furniture Look Perfect!

The Art of Arranging Your Cushions: Making Your Furniture Look Perfect!

Are you sick of seeing that old sofa, bed, or chair of yours? Get ready to fall in love with it again. We at HideRugs know you may be having a hard time because your old furniture just doesn’t cut it anymore. Seeing interior design trends change continually, it’s easy to get bored of the pieces in your home that you see every day. But we understand that not everyone has the budget for a brand new set of furniture. Luckily, you don’t need it. There are so many ways to breathe new life into your old pieces, by simply changing their appearance with a few cushions or pillows. 

Arranging your new cushions or pillows is like creating an art piece and can really transform the look of your home. Sounds easy, right? Well, keep reading for the insider tips from us to make sure that you create a masterpiece.

Decide on a Theme or Colour Scheme

If you want your furniture to look like it cost a fortune, you need to decide on a theme or colour scheme. You can go for a bold colour like yellow, red, orange or even blue. Or you could go for a more subtle neutral colour like grey, beige or even brown. You could also switch up the colours on a yearly basis. What’s great about furniture is that it can be changed by simply switching up the cushions or pillows. You can have a different theme each season or even each month. An easy way to ensure you stick to one colour scheme is to select items that complement each other. For example, if you decide on a blue theme, look for furniture pieces that have a blue tone to them. That way, all your pieces will look like they go together despite not being the same colour.

Stand out with Sheepskin Cushions

If you’re looking to give your furniture the WOW factor, we recommend that you invest in a sheepskin cushion. Sheepskin is not only a great insulator, but it is also very comfortable and soft to touch. And best of all, it can be machine washed, so there’s no need to worry about it getting dirty. Sheepskin is also an investment because it will last for years to come. Sheepskin cushions come in a variety of colours, patterns and designs, so it won’t be hard to find one that matches your furniture. Whether you go for a vibrant or a more neutral colour, sheepskin cushions will blend in well with almost any colour scheme. 

Arrange the Cushions in the Room

You should arrange the cushions in the room before you decide to sit on them. Sit on the sofa or the chairs and arrange the cushions to make the furniture look better. This is a great way to make the most of what you have. When arranging the cushions, you should consider the colour, size, texture and shape of the furniture. For example, if you have a beige couch, adding a red pillow to it will make it look like a piece of art. You can also change the look of the room by moving the furniture. For example, you can switch the sofa for a snuggle seat, or vice versa. You can also change the position of the chairs and the way they are facing. These are just some of the many ways you can change the look of your room with just a few adjustments.


If you’re sick and tired of that old sofa of yours, don’t fret! We understand that it is not always easy to spend a lot of money on new furniture pieces, so we want to help you breathe new life into your old pieces. You can do this simply by changing the appearance of your furniture with a few cushions or pillows. Shop our collection now, on