Water Filtration System Selection Guide

Water Filtration System Selection Guide

Here are some important points to remember when choosing a house water filter. 

Water Quality: The water’s total dissolved solids level (TDS) is a key determinant of which water filter system to choose. A reverse osmosis water purifier (RO) is recommended for water with high TDS, salt, and hardness levels. The semipermeable membrane of a RO water filter helps to remove dissolved salts, heavy metals, and soften the water. When the TDS level is below 200ppm, ultraviolet (or UV) filtration technology is recommended. UV is a method that removes particulates, impurities, and retains key minerals.

Storage Capacity: This is another important factor to consider. Before you buy a water filter for your home, it is important to determine how much water you drink each day. When there is electricity fluctuation, a water filter that has a larger storage capacity will work well.

Design and Build-Up: A water filtration system that has a strong build-up is recommended to ensure maximum durability. It should be made from food-grade engineering plastic to ensure safety. It is not a good idea to store water in plastic containers. It can increase the toxicity of water.

Certifications: Before making a final decision, make sure to verify the certifications that the brand has received and the industry standards they adhere to. Certified water filtration systems are a guarantee that the brand of the product is authentic and reliable.

Maintenance and Services: Last, but not least, after-sales and maintenance services must be offered by the supplier of water filtration systems. This includes changing filters at least twice per year. 

To remove minerals from water, whole-house water filtration systems can be used. They are connected directly to your water supply at your entry point. This allows you to get safe, clean water for drinking. 

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